Hi! I’m Joschka. You probably won’t say it right the first time – don’t worry, most people don’t. Good conversation starter though I guess.




So a little about me – I’m a graphic designer from Southern Ontario (Kitchener-Waterloo to be exact), and this here is my blog. I’ve been running a freelance design business for about five years, which started out with mainly doing work for bands and eventually spiralled into the full time gig I’m lucky to say I have today.

A while ago I had an epiphany. As cool as it was to be flying solo in my little self-made vessel, it always felt like something was missing. I loved what I was doing and learning along the way, but I didn’t have anyone close by to share it with, bounce ideas off of, and just generally shoot the shit with about all things design. When you bring up the importance of proper trapping or how much you hate Bleeding Cowboy in casual conversation, people tend to look at you funny.

After a few long walks and good conversations, I realized that the answer to my conundrum could lie in something I had written off a long time ago: going back to school. Everything I’d accomplished in my career so far I’d just kind of stumbled into, fumbling my way around whatever business or creative situation I was in and just trusting my gut and my elbow grease to give me the end result I wanted. I figured design school would be a perfect place to hang out with like-minded people and finally get a big boy education in what I love most. Plus, four years later I’d get a nice shiny Bachelor’s Degree to hang on the wall beside my Jordan Buckley and Hydro74 prints.

To be honest, I’ve never really been one for broadcasting the nonsense that often goes through my head. So to be clear, I’m not here to post pictures of the tuna sandwich I had for lunch or hashtag #boyswithtattoos. This website is merely to hold myself accountable as I start this next step of my design life; to keep track of my upside down journey as a 20-something freelance designer-turned design student, and record whatever twists and turns it throws my way in the hopes of learning from my mistakes and becoming a better designer. And if anyone ends up reading and coming along for the ride, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

If you’re into all that social media stuff, you can find me by clicking those little icons at the bottom. If you have a question, comment, or just feel like talking about how amazing tacos are, feel free to get in touch with me by email at hello@mynameisjoschka.com. Thanks for reading!