Every so often I get the opportunity to create a design that represents something much bigger than just the purpose of the design itself. A wedding invitation is often the first visual embodiment a person has of the actual wedding they are invited to, so in my mind it’s important for the design of the invitation to reflect the feeling of the wedding as a whole. Like many things in life, first impressions are everything – so when I see a kitschy invitation with a heavy overuse of rhinestones and the Papyrus typeface, I pretty much automatically assume that the wedding will include at least as many cheesy, palm-to-face moments as the invitation. Luckily for me though, I have friends with excellent taste.

Robb & Amber’s Wedding Invitations


This September, two of my dearest friends will be tying the knot at what is sure to be an unforgettable wedding. I had the honour of creating the invitations for their big day, which were to showcase the black-and-white theme of the wedding and provide guests with all of the necessary information regarding the ceremony, reception, accommodations and directions. I wanted to stick to a sleek and minimal layout without too many extra bells and whistles, but just enough to give a fluid feeling of togetherness throughout the various inserts and elements of the packaging.

I was there the night Robb and Amber first met and I’ve watched as their relationship has grown into the engagement that it is today, so I really wanted to emulate that feeling of growth together as the centrepiece of the wedding invitation. I began by drawing a monogram with the couple’s initials that would represent their union throughout the packaging – the way the “R” and “A” wrap and intertwine in each other is meant as a tangible visual example of the love Amber and Robb share. I thought of the way a plant vine grows around the closest structure to it, and how the two different elements come together to create a beautiful and natural formation.

It was a true pleasure creating these invitations, and the final product came out nothing short of fantastic. Thick, texture-rich papers and envelopes really brought out the luxurious undertones of the design, and the physical feeling of the packaging material certainly matched the visual aesthetic. My good friend and photographer-extraordinaire Taylor Jackson was kind enough to take some pictures of the finished invitations, shown below.










I had a ton of fun designing these invitations, and I’d love to do something similar again. Feel free to get in touch if you’re getting married and are in need of some visual content for your big day. Disclaimer: no Bride-zillas allowed!


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