Welcome to 20somethingdesigner.com! I’m Joschka, the brains (or lack thereof) behind this operation. You can read a little more about me and why I started this blog over in the About section – long story short, I’m a freelance graphic designer-turned design student, and I’m using this website to hold myself accountable and keep track of the things I do, see and learn as I start this next chapter in my design life. I’ll try to keep up a healthy mix of posts of things that I work on, things that inspire me, and of course a dash of good ol’ stupid shit here and there.

If you’re into all that social media stuff, you can find me by clicking those little icons on the bottom right. If you have a question, comment, or just feel like talking about how amazing tacos are, feel free to get in touch with me by email at hello@mynameisjoschka.com or by using the Contact section.

Thanks for reading! Joschka out.




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